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Your parrot is guaranteed for up to 12 months against any hereditary defects that result in severe deficiency or the need for euthanasia. In this case, your parrot will be replaced with a parrot of equal value as soon as availability allows and as long as we last. This parrot will only be released if medical confirmation of an inherited abnormality or autopsy report from a veterinarian is presented and I have the opportunity to have the vet confirm the abnormality. Shipping & Shipping Service & The veterinary costs will be borne by the recipient/new owner.


Transmission of traits from parents to offspring using the code contained in genes and chromosomes. Tendency of an organism to evolve like its ancestors as a result of such transmission. Individual genetic heritage transmitted through biological inheritance from parents or from ancestors (genes). Patellar dislocation can result from mishandling, trauma or weight gain and is therefore not covered by this Health Guarantee.I confirm that the parrot has received its first vaccinations.You are responsible for the remaining (2) catches and annual upgrades.This guarantee applies to inherited genetic defects as above.We are not liable for airborne or infectious ailments which incorporates parvovirus, coccidia, giardia, distemper,rabies or any other infectious disease that a parrot may contract after leaving our facility. We take every precaution to prevent illness, but the puppies’ immune systems are immature when they move to their new homes.Be very cautious together along with your doggy till he’s absolutely vaccinated in opposition to the above diseases.In no occasion are we chargeable for veterinary expenses charged through our clients for this parrot or its offspring.Nor are we inclined to take returned parrots or parrots that grow to be sick after leaving this site; all income are final.We deny any obligation for the demise of a parrot beneathneath anesthesia.It is your responsibility to keep your parrot or parrot healthy. The training and housebreaking of a parrot or parrot is your responsibility, not that of this kennel.The owner is responsible for the self-education of the parrots.

Positive Customer Experiences

Our customers’ satisfaction is a testament to the health and well-being of our baby parrots. We have a track record of positive customer experiences, with many happy parrot owners who have witnessed the joy and companionship these healthy parrots bring into their lives.

Committed to Parrot Welfare

Our dedication to parrot welfare is unwavering. We follow ethical breeding practices and prioritize the well-being of our parrots. By choosing a baby parrot from us, you are supporting responsible breeding and ensuring a healthy future for these remarkable creatures.

Genetic Health Guarantee

We stand behind the genetic health of our baby parrots. We take great care in selecting breeding pairs with a strong genetic lineage to minimize the risk of inherited health issues. In the unlikely event that a genetic health concern arises, we offer a guarantee to provide you with peace of mind.


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