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Transporting a single bird to a new place always seems cruel and embarrassing, but in reality I think it’s harder for us than for the birds. Thanks to my many years of transport experience, I know for sure that all birds are doing well. So if you stop and think about it, airlines are not going to mistreat birds for fear of lawsuits and customer dissatisfaction. I stick the bird seed and feeding guide on the top of the cage and put some ice water on it so that it will melt gradually for the birds and the birds will get their food as they climb.The average flight time is about 2-5 hours.I always inquire about any delays or stopovers and I know the exact flight times and departures so I know where the bird is and can provide you with information.The bird arrives the same day it is shipped, usually within a few hours. In the cage I have a big, soft bed of shredded newspaper for the birds to nest in, and usually a pair of pig ears to chew on (they love them) and a toy or sock with my perfume on it – to keep the bird comfortable. Secure .


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